Sunday, April 08, 2007


What A Long Dark Winter!

I have not posted anything for over three months. I have been in the throes of the winter blues. A mild kind of depression where I still function normally, go to work, to to Walmart once a week, go to church, but that's about it. It's been too cold now to go out and walk regularly, but I have it on my list of to do things. I have been lifting weights, and trying to get some sunshine to absorb at least once a day to try to fight off the blues.

I have not had any really good adventures...well, maybe one. It was back in January. It wasn't that cold of a month, so I was still walking regularly, even if it was just around my yard and down the alley, but I always walk after dark as I like the anonymity. So, this one evening, the wind was really howling, and I didn't even want to be out there, but I was being faithful to my routine, so I went remember, the wind was howling! A truly dark and stormy night! I was coming around the north corner of my house, and there was a tree between me and the tree closest to the alley. I was walking that way, and suddenly noticed a figure in black standing under that tree...he was trying to light a cigarette in that wind...had a hooded sweatshirt on, but had deliberately walked up into my yard from the street, which is on an incline up into my yard. I cannot explain the feelings that came over me...not a feeling of being afraid of this spooky looking guy...nope...he just made me so mad I could have picked him up and bodily thrown him out of my yard. (for those who do not know me personally, I am a tall woman, with very short hair and broad shoulders, and with my own hooded sweatshirt on, someone could easily think I was a guy.) So, when I saw this guy, and he startled me, I thought, what the hell is this guy doing in my yard! And I began to walk purposefuly towards him...he did not see me at first, then he caught sight of this "big guy" coming towards him in a menacing kind of way, and he literally leaped out of my yard, down into the street, walking rapidly away...sooooo...I decided to follow him. I began walking the same way he did, but staying in my yard...he turned the corner in front of my house and started walking down the street...I followed on my sidewalk...he stopped abruptly and turned around, saw me, but began retracing his steps, got back to the corner and turned down the street, going away from me. I stood there awhile, till he was out of sight. Laughing my fool ass off.

Well, I have seen him a time or two since then, but in daylight...he is just a kid who lives two blocks down...but in the daylight, I doubt if he connects me with the 'guy' who chased him!

I need more adventures!


Blogger Laurel Johnson said...

Your adventures are like mine, mini adventures. I've had a phobia about walking by myself for decades and can't explain it. That explains how a once athletic person who knew no fear became a blob.
Good story. :)

5:05 AM  

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