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An Answer To A Christmas Prayer

This happened to me shortly before Christmas, and I consider it to be an answer to a prayer. I have posted for years on several faith based forums, and I had posted a prayer request some time before Christmas, asking that we pray for each other to know the real meaning of Christmas in our lives this Christmas season. I also mentioned that usually when we pray for stuff like this, we can expect the devil to jump right in with all kinds of nasty things that might happen to distract us from our high minded intentions. It was not two hours after I had posted that very prayer, that the following happened to me.

I was sitting right here at my computer desk, which sits in a tiny alcove right off my front door, and I can see out the window of the front door...

I noticed something moving out in my yard, and saw an elderly woman bent over, approaching my door, but not on the first inclination was to close the blinds and ignore her, thinking she was trying to sell me something...then I noticed she was covered with bits of dried grass and leaves and was holding one shoe in her hand and I quickly opened the door and asked her if she was ok...she had fallen in my yard, but the reason she had stopped was cause she needed directions. She was delivering Chistmas cookies to shut ins from her church. The house she was looking for was a block east of me, and I patiently, in the cold cold air, tried to explain to her how to find it, while brushing leaves and grass off of her. She had a cockeyed eye, and when she looked at me, she just was not comprehending what I was I said I would get my keys and she could follow me to the that's what we did...very very slowly, we drove down the block, turned left, drove another block, turned left again, and found the house. I pulled up in front, but away from the driveway, left my car running, and went back to where she had parked...she began to get out, thanking me, and the car began to move forward, as she had not put it in park! I grabbed the door and literally began to drag against the moving car, while sort of pushing her back into the car yelling at her to put it in park or step on the brake! In my mind, I was seeing me run over by the car, as it crashed into my car...but none of that super human strength and probably about three angels, stopped that car. I thanked God and prayed for protection for that little old woman to get home safely. When I told this story at coffeebreak today, I included the part about praying and meditating on the true meaning of Christmas, and as the story unfolded, everyone laughed till they cried. I think it was the thought of me hanging onto the open car door dragging against the moving car that did it for them.


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