Sunday, June 04, 2006

My First Post first post at my new blog.

Some days I just feel like a very smart old broad. Other days I feel like a lost little girl. Most days I am not a bit lonely, but I am alone. I have a house full of cats, a garden and yard that I tend, and a computer. I work full time, sometimes having as many as three separate jobs. My daughters are in college and have to work to be able to go to college as I am basically poorer than I do not see them as often as I would like. The computer became my sole property when the baby flew the coop. And it became my companion. I am connected by this computer, to a variety of wonderful people, including old friends, friends I have never met in person, but who know me, relatives, and my own two daughters, one of whom emails me daily. Some of you I have met on several spiritual sites I frequent. We are different faiths, but all hold to the same Lord and Savior. It would be a dream of mine to get all of you together and we could have a good old time.

I also have been posting for the last year at several Natalee Holloway blogs, where I have become semi famous, for having been kicked off one of them, getting somehow inititated into a group called the psychobabes from hell, which is google-able, nicks I have posted under include, sleuth, mrsdoobiebrothers, mrsjimmorrison, DrTar&ProfessorFeather, and more recently, DocTar. I have friends from around the world from those blogs, and although the original case of a missing girl is what spiked my interest, now it is friends from those blogs that maintain it.

I would also like to create a journal of sorts, just a little record of what I am thinking, or like last week, I think it was May 30th, out for my evening walk, I saw the first lightning bug of the season. I love lightning bugs. I love the stars, the moon, and the blue of the night sky. I also love the blazing sun and the color of the sky only in October in Kansas. I think I have seen several UFO's, including one I only heard, but did not see.

I am thankful for each of you that may or may not post here, as each of you has enriched my life and created the tapestry that is me, though crazy quilt may be a more apt discription. Is there spell check on this blog?

Posted 06/04/06 at 2:03 pm by Karen, KK, DocTar, Mum...the only four names I use now.


Blogger Robin said...

Welcome to, Karen. I have a three or four blog sites here, a couple to which I can't remember the passwords.


4:44 AM  
Blogger Laurel Johnson said...

Hi KK. I'm eager to read some of your profound thoughts. We'll try to see you don't get kicked off of blogger hee hee. Good to see ya.

7:11 PM  

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